Gatorz MILSPEC Ballistic ANSI Z87.1 Magnum Z Aluminum Frame, ANSI Z87 Safety Sunglasses-Blackout/Clear Lens MAGZBLK06AMIL

Gatorz Magnum Z Military Sunglasses: A Comprehensive Review

Welcome to my comprehensive review of the Gatorz Magnum Z Military Sunglasses. These tactical eyewear are hand crafted in the USA and are designed to exceed MILSPEC Ballistic standards. If you’re looking for high-quality sunglasses that can withstand the demands of military use, look no further. In this review, I will delve into the features, performance, and overall value of these impressive sunglasses. So, let’s dive in!

Gatorz Magnum Z Military Sunglasses

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Mixed Performance
The Gatorz MILSPEC Ballistic ANSI Z87.1 Magnum Z Tactical Hand Crafted Military Sunglasses are high quality sunglasses that exceed MILSPEC Ballistic standards and are made in the USA. However, some users have raised concerns about the lack of padding around the ears and the fragility of the lens coating.
Advantages of Gatorz Magnum Z
  • High quality
  • Made in the USA
  • Exceeds MILSPEC Ballistic standards
  • Lack of padding around the ears may cause discomfort when wearing over-the-ear hearing protection
  • Fragile lens coating can be easily damaged by contact with certain substances

The Gatorz MILSPEC Ballistic ANSI Z87.1 Magnum Z Aluminum Frame Safety Sunglasses in Blackout/Clear Lens, also known as the MAGZBLK06AMIL, are a high-performance eyewear option designed for tactical use. These sunglasses are built from the classic Magnum frame and have been specifically engineered to exceed the MILSPEC Ballistic standards, ensuring superior protection and durability.

One notable feature of these sunglasses is their MILSPEC Ballistic rating, which signifies that they meet or exceed the stringent requirements set by the military for protecting against high-velocity impacts and projectiles. This makes them an excellent choice for military personnel, law enforcement officers, and anyone else in need of reliable eye protection in demanding environments.

The aluminum frame of the MAGZBLK06AMIL is not only lightweight but also robust, ensuring long-lasting durability. The unisex-adult design makes them suitable for both men and women, and the black color gives them a sleek and professional appearance.

Manufactured by Gatorz, a reputable company known for producing top-quality eyewear, these safety sunglasses are made in the USA and meet the ANSI Z87.1 safety standards, providing additional assurance of their quality and reliability.

  • Department: Unisex-adult – These sunglasses are designed to be suitable for both men and women, ensuring a universal fit and style
  • Ballistic ANSI Z87.1 Certification – These sunglasses meet the ballistic requirements set by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), ensuring superior impact resistance and protection
  • Aluminum Frame – The sunglasses feature a durable aluminum frame, providing strength and durability while remaining lightweight for comfortable wear
  • ANSI Z87 Safety Rating – These sunglasses meet the ANSI Z87 safety standards, guaranteeing reliable eye protection against hazardous conditions such as flying debris or harmful UV rays
  • Blackout/Clear Lens – The sunglasses come with interchangeable lenses, offering both a blackout lens for bright conditions and a clear lens for low-light or indoor use, ensuring versatility for different environments
  • Date First Available: August 21, 2020 – These sunglasses were first made available to customers on August 21, 2020, indicating their recent release in the market

In conclusion, the Gatorz MILSPEC Ballistic ANSI Z87.1 Magnum Z Aluminum Frame Safety Sunglasses in Blackout/Clear Lens offer exceptional protection and durability. With their MILSPEC Ballistic rating, lightweight aluminum frame, and adherence to ANSI Z87.1 safety standards, they are an excellent choice for individuals seeking reliable eye protection in tactical or high-risk environments.

Durable and Tactical Sunglasses
  • MILSPEC Ballistic Magnum Z87.1
  • Exceeds MILSPEC Ballistic standards
  • Tactical eyewear
  • Hand crafted
  • Made in the USA

In this review, I will be sharing my thoughts on the Gatorz MILSPEC Ballistic ANSI Z87.1 Magnum Z Aluminum Frame Safety Sunglasses. These sunglasses have gained popularity for their durability and protective features. I will also address some concerns raised by other users to provide a comprehensive evaluation of these sunglasses.

Durability and Protection

One of the standout features of the Gatorz MILSPEC Ballistic Magnum Z87.1 sunglasses is their high quality and durability. They are specifically designed for protection against various hazards, making them ideal for activities such as riding or any situation where there is a risk of debris or objects flying towards your eyes. The sunglasses exceed MILSPEC Ballistic standards, ensuring that they can withstand impact and provide reliable eye protection.

Comfort and Fit

Some users have expressed concerns about the lack of padding around the ears, particularly when wearing over-the-ear hearing protection. This can cause discomfort and digging into the head. However, it’s important to note that the aluminum frame of these sunglasses is intended for a secure fit and long-lasting durability. While this may not be the most comfortable option for extended wear with over-the-ear protection, it ensures that the sunglasses stay in place during active use.

Fragility of Lens Coating

Another issue raised by a user is the fragility of the lens coating. They reported that bug spray caused damage to the coating, which melted upon contact. It is important to note that the manufacturer has stated that this kind of contact is against the “care instructions” for the glasses. However, it is unfortunate that the manufacturer did not respond to the user’s attempts to resolve the issue. This incident highlights the importance of following care instructions to maintain the longevity and functionality of the sunglasses.

Bottom Line

Despite some concerns raised by users, the Gatorz MILSPEC Ballistic ANSI Z87.1 Magnum Z Aluminum Frame Safety Sunglasses offer excellent durability and protection. They are well-suited for activities where eye protection is crucial, such as riding or working in hazardous environments. While the lack of padding around the ears and the fragility of the lens coating may be minor drawbacks, these sunglasses are still a reliable choice for those seeking high-quality protective eyewear.

Reviewing the Magnum Tactical Sunglasses from Gatorz Eyewear

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Factors to Consider When Choosing Tactical Eyewear and Sunglasses

When selecting tactical eyewear and sunglasses, there are a few key factors to consider. First and foremost, it is important to choose a pair that offers adequate protection for your eyes. Look for eyewear that meets or exceeds ANSI Z87.1 standards, as this ensures they can withstand impacts and provide reliable protection. Additionally, it is crucial to assess the lens options available. Polarized lenses can help reduce glare and improve visibility in bright conditions, while photochromic lenses adjust their tint based on the surrounding light. Consider the frame design as well, making sure it fits comfortably and securely on your face. Look for features such as adjustable nose pads and temple arms to achieve a customized fit. Finally, consider the specific needs of your tactical activities. For example, if you engage in shooting sports, it may be beneficial to choose eyewear with ballistic-rated lenses. Overall, prioritize safety, functionality, and comfort when selecting tactical eyewear and sunglasses.

  • Frame material: Gatorz Magnum Z sunglasses are known for their durable construction, typically made from high-grade aluminum alloy or other rugged materials. Ensure the frame material is suitable for your intended use and environment
  • Lens quality: Look for lenses that provide superior optical clarity and distortion-free vision. Gatorz sunglasses often feature polycarbonate lenses that offer excellent impact resistance and protection against UV rays
  • Lens coating: Check if the lenses have a scratch-resistant or anti-reflective coating. These coatings help maintain lens clarity while minimizing scratches and glare, respectively
  • Fit and comfort: Ensure the sunglasses offer a proper fit for your face shape and size. Look for adjustable features such as nose pads or temple arms that can be customized for a comfortable fit
  • Polarization: Gatorz Magnum Z sunglasses often provide polarized lenses, which reduce glare from reflective surfaces like water, snow, or glass. Polarized lenses can greatly enhance visual clarity and reduce eye strain, especially in bright outdoor conditions
  • Impact resistance: If you require sunglasses for activities involving potential impact or high-risk environments, ensure the Gatorz Magnum Z sunglasses have passed relevant impact resistance tests, such as ANSI Z87.1 certification
  • Style and aesthetics: Consider your personal preferences regarding the frame design, color options, and overall style. Gatorz sunglasses offer a sleek and military-inspired look, but finding a style that suits your taste is essential
  • Warranty and customer support: Check for any warranty coverage provided by the manufacturer. Knowing that your purchase is protected can offer peace of mind. Additionally, consider the availability of customer support or repair services in case you encounter any issues with your sunglasses

Signs that indicate the Gatorz Magnum Z Military Sunglasses might not be the right fit for you.

Frequently Asked Questions about Tactical Eyewear and Sunglasses

Where are Gatorz MILSPEC Ballistic ANSI Z87.1 Magnum Z sunglasses manufactured?

Gatorz MILSPEC Ballistic ANSI Z87.1 Magnum Z sunglasses are manufactured in the USA.

What are the key features to look for in tactical eyewear and sunglasses?

When looking for tactical eyewear and sunglasses, there are several key features to consider. Firstly, it’s important to ensure that the eyewear meets the ANSI Z87.1 standard for impact resistance. This ensures that the glasses can withstand high-velocity impacts from projectiles or debris.

Another important feature is polarization. Polarized lenses help reduce glare, particularly useful in outdoor environments and when working around reflective surfaces such as water or snow. This feature enhances visual clarity and reduces eye strain.

Durability is also crucial. Tactical eyewear should be able to withstand rugged conditions and be resistant to scratches, impacts, and chemicals. Look for sunglasses with high-quality materials and a sturdy construction that can withstand the demands of military or tactical use.

Comfort and fit are also important factors. Look for adjustable nose pads and temples to ensure a secure and comfortable fit, allowing you to wear the eyewear for extended periods without discomfort or slippage.

Lastly, consider the lens color and tint options. Different lens colors can enhance contrast, improve depth perception, reduce eye fatigue, or provide better visibility in specific environments. Choose a lens color that suits your specific needs and preferences.

In summary, when looking for tactical eyewear and sunglasses, prioritize features such as ANSI Z87.1 impact resistance, polarization, durability, comfort, and lens color options. These features will ensure that you have reliable and functional eyewear for your tactical and outdoor activities.

How can tactical eyewear and sunglasses provide protection against various environmental elements?

Tactical eyewear and sunglasses, such as the Gatorz MILSPEC Ballistic ANSI Z87.1 Magnum Z, are specifically designed to provide protection against various environmental elements. These sunglasses offer several features that make them highly effective in providing protection.

First and foremost, tactical eyewear and sunglasses are made using high-quality materials that are impact resistant and durable. This ensures that they can withstand harsh environments and protect the wearer’s eyes from flying debris, projectiles, and other potential hazards.

Additionally, these sunglasses often feature a wrap-around design that provides a wide field of vision and prevents any gaps for environmental elements to enter. This helps to shield the eyes from wind, dust, and other particles that can cause discomfort and potential harm.

Tactical eyewear and sunglasses also come with lenses that offer various levels of UV protection. They are typically designed to block out harmful UVA and UVB rays, thus protecting the eyes from sun damage such as cataracts and macular degeneration.

Furthermore, some tactical eyewear and sunglasses incorporate polarized lenses, which help reduce glare from reflective surfaces like water, snow, or glass. This feature enhances visual clarity and prevents eyestrain, especially in bright outdoor environments.

In summary, tactical eyewear and sunglasses provide protection against environmental elements by utilizing impact-resistant materials, a wrap-around design, UV protection, and polarization. These features work together to ensure the wearer’s eyes are shielded from potential hazards, allowing them to perform optimally in a variety of outdoor situations.

Discover the unbeatable combination of durability, style, and superior eye protection with Gatorz MILSPEC Ballistic ANSI Z87.1 Magnum Z Tactical Sunglasses, proudly handcrafted in the USA.

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