BOMBER - Mens Sunglasses, IRIE Bomb 2 Tone Crystal Smoke Frame Sunglasses/Green Mirror Lens with Gray Non-Slip Foam Inline IRE104GM

IRE104GM – BOMBER Mens Sunglasses: A Stylish and Durable Choice

Introducing the IRE104GM – BOMBER Mens Sunglasses: A Stylish and Durable Choice. These sleek shades are designed to elevate your style game while providing a comfortable fit that stays put during all your active adventures. With their eye-catching two-tone frame and non-slip foam, these sunglasses are the perfect accessory for any man on the go. Get ready to turn heads and protect your eyes in style with the IRE104GM – BOMBER Mens Sunglasses.

IRE104GM – BOMBER Mens Sunglasses

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The BOMBER – Mens Sunglasses, IRIE Bomb 2 Tone Crystal Smoke Frame Sunglasses offer a stylish design and a comfortable fit with the Gray Non-Slip Foam Inline. However, they are prone to scratching easily and are not ANSI Z87+ approved eye wear.
Features and Benefits
  • Stylish design
  • Comfortable fit
  • Eye-catching look
  • Prone to scratching easily
  • Not ANSI Z87+ approved eye wear

The BOMBER – Mens Sunglasses, IRIE Bomb 2 Tone Crystal Smoke Frame Sunglasses/Green Mirror Lens with Gray Non-Slip Foam Inline IRE104GM is a stylish and high-quality eyewear option for both men and women. With its unique design and attractive features, it is sure to catch the eye of fashion-conscious individuals.

This pair of sunglasses comes in a package with dimensions of 7 x 6 x 5 inches and weighs a mere 4 ounces, making it lightweight and easy to carry around. The item model number is IRE104GM, which helps identify this particular model among others.

The BOMBER sunglasses are designed for unisex adults, meaning it is suitable for both men and women. This versatility allows anyone to enjoy the benefits and style these sunglasses have to offer.

Manufactured by Bomber, a trusted brand in eyewear, these sunglasses are made with top-notch craftsmanship and attention to detail. The ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) for this product is B09RGNTJLF, which helps in locating it on online platforms.

One of the standout features of these sunglasses is the 2 Tone Crystal Smoke frame, which adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the overall design. The green mirror lens offers not only UV protection but also a trendy and fashionable look. Additionally, the gray non-slip foam inline provides comfort and ensures that the sunglasses stay in place during various activities.

Technical Specifications
  • Product Name: BOMBER – Mens Sunglasses, IRIE Bomb 2 Tone Crystal Smoke Frame Sunglasses/Green Mirror Lens with Gray Non-Slip Foam Inline IRE104GM
  • Package Dimensions: The sunglasses come in a compact package measuring 7 x 6 x 5 inches and weighing 4 ounces, making them easy to carry and store
  • Item Model Number: The sunglasses are identified by the model number IRE104GM, ensuring accuracy when ordering or discussing the product
  • Unisex Adult: The sunglasses are designed to suit both men and women, making them a versatile choice for anyone looking for stylish eyewear
  • Date First Available: The sunglasses became available for purchase on January 28, 2022, ensuring that they are a recently released product
  • Country of Origin: These sunglasses are proudly manufactured in the USA, ensuring high-quality craftsmanship and supporting local industries

It is worth noting that these sunglasses are proudly made in the USA, assuring customers of their quality and durability. The BOMBER – Mens Sunglasses, IRIE Bomb 2 Tone Crystal Smoke Frame Sunglasses/Green Mirror Lens with Gray Non-Slip Foam Inline IRE104GM is a fantastic choice for those seeking stylish eyewear that combines fashion, functionality, and American-made excellence.

Stylish and durable eyewear
  • Stylish Design: The IRIE Bomb 2 Tone Crystal Smoke Frame Sunglasses feature a sleek and modern design that adds a touch of style to any outfit. The two-tone frame creates a unique and eye-catching look, making them a fashionable choice for men
  • Comfortable Fit: The Gray Non-Slip Foam Inline ensures a comfortable fit, preventing the sunglasses from slipping off during active pursuits. The foam also adds a layer of cushioning for extended wear, making them ideal for outdoor activities or sports

Uncomfortable and Scratch Easily

I have to say, my experience with the BOMBER – Mens Sunglasses has been quite disappointing. Despite their stylish design, these sunglasses are extremely uncomfortable to wear. The fit is not ideal, and they tend to slip off easily. Moreover, they scratch very easily, which is quite frustrating. I expected them to last longer, but unfortunately, they only lasted me about 5 months before becoming too scratched to wear.

Not as Described

Another issue I have with these sunglasses is that they are not ANSI Z87+ approved, despite being advertised as such. This is a major concern for me, as I value eye protection and want to ensure that the eyewear I use meets the necessary safety standards. It is disappointing that the product description was inaccurate in this regard.

Comfortable and Stylish, but Lacking Sideshield Attachments

On a positive note, the BOMBER – Mens Sunglasses do have a comfortable fit, thanks to the Gray Non-Slip Foam Inline. This feature prevents the sunglasses from slipping off during active pursuits, which is great for outdoor activities or sports. The foam also adds a layer of cushioning, making them more comfortable for extended wear. Furthermore, their stylish design with the two-tone frame adds a touch of sophistication to any outfit.

However, a downside to these sunglasses is the lack of sideshield attachments. Some users, including myself, find that they would be better suited for work if they had sideshields. This would provide extra protection and make them more versatile for various environments.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, the BOMBER – Mens Sunglasses have both their pros and cons. While they offer a stylish design and a comfortable fit with the Gray Non-Slip Foam Inline, they fall short in terms of durability and accuracy in the product description. If you prioritize style over durability and are not concerned about ANSI Z87+ approval, these sunglasses may be a suitable choice. However, if you require eyewear that meets safety standards and can withstand regular use, you may want to consider other options.

Explore other options for stylish and durable sunglasses for men

Factors to Consider When Choosing Sunglasses

When selecting a pair of sunglasses, it is important to consider a few key factors to ensure you find the most suitable option. First and foremost, consider the level of UV protection offered by the sunglasses. Look for sunglasses that block 100% of both UVA and UVB rays, as this will help protect your eyes from harmful sun exposure. Additionally, consider the lens color and type. Different lens colors can provide varying levels of glare reduction and visual clarity, so choose one that suits your preferences and needs. Polarized lenses are also a great option to reduce glare and enhance clarity, particularly for outdoor activities. Next, consider the frame style and size. It is essential to find a frame that fits comfortably on your face and offers proper coverage for your eyes. Finally, take into account your personal style and preferences. Sunglasses come in various shapes, colors, and materials, so choose a design that complements your face shape and matches your individual style. By considering these factors, you can select a pair of sunglasses that not only protect your eyes but also look great on you.

  • Frame Material: Check the material used for the frame. It should be durable, lightweight, and preferably made of high-quality materials like acetate or metal
  • Lens Material: Look for sunglasses with lenses made from high-quality materials like polycarbonate or glass. These materials are known for their durability and resistance to scratches
  • UV Protection: Ensure that the sunglasses offer 100% UV protection. This will safeguard your eyes from harmful UVA and UVB rays, protecting you from potential eye damage
  • Lens Color: Consider the lens color based on your usage and personal preference. Different lens colors provide varying levels of contrast and light transmission. For example, gray lenses are suitable for general outdoor activities, while yellow lenses enhance visibility in low-light conditions
  • Polarized Lenses: If you spend a lot of time near water, snow, or in bright conditions, opt for polarized lenses. They reduce glare and provide a clearer vision by blocking horizontal light waves
  • Fit and Comfort: Make sure the sunglasses fit comfortably on your face. Look for adjustable nose pads, temple arms that rest securely on your ears, and a frame size that suits your face shape and size
  • Style: Consider the design and aesthetics of the sunglasses. Choose a style that suits your personal taste and complements your facial features
  • Brand Reputation: Research the brand’s reputation for manufacturing quality sunglasses. Look for customer reviews and feedback to ensure the brand is reliable and known for producing durable products
  • Warranty: Check if the sunglasses come with a warranty. A warranty can provide peace of mind and protect your investment against manufacturing defects
  • Price: Compare prices from different sellers or websites to ensure you’re getting the best value for your money. However, remember that quality and features should be prioritized over a lower price tag

Recognizing the warning signs that indicate the “IRE104GM – BOMBER Mens Sunglasses” may not be the right fit for you.

  • Style preference: The design of these sunglasses may not align with your personal style. If you prefer a different frame shape or color, it might be a sign that this product isn’t for you
  • Fit and comfort: Sunglasses need to fit well and be comfortable to wear. If you have a different head size or face shape that doesn’t match the dimensions of these sunglasses, it could be a warning sign that they won’t provide the desired fit and comfort
  • Lens type: The green mirror lens with gray non-slip foam inline might not be suitable for your needs. If you require a different lens color, UV protection, or specific features, it’s essential to consider whether this product meets those requirements
  • Usage scenario: Consider the intended use of these sunglasses. If you need them for specific activities like sports or outdoor adventures, make sure they are designed to withstand those conditions. If not, it might be a sign that this product isn’t the right fit for your lifestyle
  • Price point: Evaluating the price in relation to the quality and features of the sunglasses is crucial. If the cost exceeds your budget or you feel that you can find a similar product at a more reasonable price, it may be a warning sign to explore other options

Understanding Sunglasses Terminology

  • UV protection: This refers to the sunglasses’ ability to block ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun. UV rays can be harmful to our eyes and skin, so sunglasses with proper UV protection help shield our eyes from these rays
  • Polarized lenses: Polarized lenses have a special filter that reduces glare from surfaces such as water, snow, or glass. This feature enhances visual clarity, reduces eye strain, and improves overall comfort when wearing sunglasses
  • Frame material: The frame material refers to the material used to construct the sunglasses’ frame. Common materials include plastic, metal, or a combination of both. The choice of frame material affects the sunglasses’ durability, weight, and overall style
  • Nose pads: Nose pads are small cushions attached to the sunglasses’ frame that rest on the bridge of the nose. They help distribute the weight of the sunglasses and ensure a comfortable fit
  • Temple arms: Temple arms, also known as temple tips or earpieces, are the parts of the sunglasses that extend over the ears. They provide stability and keep the sunglasses securely in place
  • Rimless design: Rimless sunglasses have lenses that are attached directly to the temple arms without a visible frame around them. This design creates a minimalist and lightweight aesthetic
  • Adjustable fit: Sunglasses with an adjustable fit offer customization options to ensure a comfortable and secure fit. This may include adjustable nose pads, temple arms, or adjustable hinges that allow for a personalized fit

Discover the perfect blend of style and functionality with the BOMBER IRIE Bomb sunglasses, featuring a crystal smoke frame, green mirror lens, and gray non-slip foam inline for ultimate comfort and durability.

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